Nestled on the Eastern Shore of Roys Bay, looking up the Lake to the peaks of Mt Aspiring National Park, Wanaka Marina has mountain backdrop as spectacular as any in the world.
This sheltered location offers some of the best available protection from prevailing winds making it a safe facility especially suited to boating families and serves as an ideal gateway to exploring the 192 km2 waters of Lake Wanaka,  New Zealand’s fourth largest lake.

This site is designed to give you up to date details on important contact numbers and background documents and rules that all berth holders need to be aware of. This site also has the ability to feedback information and updates to the Marina Secretary

Berthholders and Shareholders – There are certain rules and regulations to follow as a user and occupier of the marina. The rules and licence to occupy terms can be found here. By entering the marina structure you are agreeing to abide by these rules and regulations.

Sales, Leasing – Please contact Kathryn Miller 03 265 3479.

Splicing, fenders, general enquiries – Please contact Craig Fahey 0210 833 5771.

Workman and Maintenance Personnel – The company has health and safety procedures to follow and adhere to as part of its health and safety protocols. Before accessing the marina maintenance personnel should contact Mike Barker 027 596 5200 or the secretary on 03 443 0086 (Perry Crockett) to be made aware of any work place hazards.   

Public and Visitors – The marina is a licenced structure under the Queenstown Lakes District Council (structure permit No: S146). Due to the potential dangers to the public with vessels and the structure itself no swimming/fishing or general public access is permitted.

Wanaka Marina Supporting Coastguard

Wanaka Marina are proud to support Coastguard New Zealand and would urge all boaties to join the Coastguard as members. There are a number of benefits to be had which you can find on the website https://www.boatiesbestmate.nz