May Marina Update

There is not a lot to report from the Board since the last update which in a way is a good thing as we could all do without any dramas.

The lagarosiphon treatment was conducted by Aquateq in February and the results look promising. Despite our best efforts QLDC, LINZ or ORC refuse to pay for this as it was agreed many years ago that the Marina company would be responsible for weed treatment in a 50 metre radius of the marina. Other areas are being treated but it will be an ongoing problem for many years to come. Ben, Mike and Craig attended the Lake Wanaka Weed management meeting in Wanaka on Wednesday the 10th of May. There have been some positive results around the Lake the best reported in the vicinity of the Marina.
In March the handrail at the entrance to the Marina was finally installed. Craig has seeded the area and it is clearly looking a lot better.
QLDC have said they now have approval for the continuation of the Waterfront development at the marina end of the new boardwalk. It is proposed to establish a route for pedestrians and cyclists that will be along the footpath that exists, in front of the toilets block then behind the yacht club park eventually joining the walkway nearer to Eely Point.
At the last Board meeting the future of the Marina was discussed at great length. It is clear we can not expect the Marina built over 30 years ago that was only expected to last for 12 to go on indefinitely.
Though it is in the very early stages of discussion and exploration, a 5 year plan to replace the entire Marina is being considered. Insurance company assessors have given us a quote to replace the marina with a modern concrete lightweight structure with less telescopic piles similar to the Frankton design. there is a lot of work to do gaining consent, contractors and finance but it appears to be achievable and would be a considerable asset for all stakeholders. It is hoped with a new design that a further 4 berths could be incorporated which could be sold and would go directly towards the cost. Craig and I spent a few hours at Frankton examining the structure and discussing the construction with the manager. It is very impressive. (See photographs)
We are also exploring the possibility of a breakwater which would replace the existing old public jetty and extend up to 100 metres into the lake. This would also be accessible to the public and would house the fuel station and grey water pump. The idea would also be to allow members of the public launching their boats to tie up briefly whilst parking trailers. This we would hope would be a joint effort and funding with QLDC. They have talked about removing it for several years and this would be a great solution
Quentin Smith was consulted on site and raised no objections to the project.
By the time the next AGM comes we hope to have some facts and figures available for you all but in the meantime if you have any suggestions please feel free to get in touch. We would appreciate your feedback and all correspondence will be replied too.
Frankton Marina Facility
Sadly despite our best efforts it still has not been possible to dredge the area causing problems between the Lakeside development and the marina. The lake level has defeated us. Just as we were about to do it towards the end of April the rains started and now it has made access impossible. We are continuing to monitor the situation but it may be a while before the lake drops again.
Craig is away in June for 4 weeks. James Blunt (0210432077)  will step up in his absence for most of that period and contact details will be posted here. Craig Blake (021616700) will cover between the 15th-19th. 
Please continue to monitor the website.
Mike Barker