Wanaka Marina has engaged the services of a contractor to remove the rapidly growing sediment build up from the Eastern side of the marina in Roy’s Bay. This work comes after working with ORC and obtaining a Certificate of Compliance for the works.

Stream flows and sediment patterns in the area have been altered as a result of neighbouring development work and the build up now represents a navigation hazard for vessels entering and exiting the marina and requires mitigation.

Work is expected to begin early next week with loadout and site restoration to be completed by Friday 15 September, weather permitting.

Sediment control booms will be in place to minimise any silt spread and contain any lagarosiphon fragments.

Wanaka Marina is a proud supporter and partner of the Grebe nesting program and has worked closely with John Darby and Markus Hermanns on this initiative. Our goal is to complete the activity while the lake levels are favourable. John and his team will reinstall nesting boxes housed on the marina at the completion of work, in time for the upcoming breeding season. Additional information on John and Marcus’s work and the Crested Grebe program can be found at

Temporary pedestrian traffic management will be in place across the marina entrance during the removal work and we thank the public for their consideration while the work is completed.


For more information, please contact:

Wanaka Marina Operations Manager: Craig Fahey |